challenge n°5: secrets : an unknown ”small community” .

I think that the secret could be a small unknown group of people living in the woods for so many generations. And the sign ”a secret hides in this forest” that we can see in the picture stands for that secret,  ”the forgotten tribe ”

It’s,as i believe, a small village full of people who are living there with no contact with the outside world.And when explorers discovered  that village, they suspended the sign to keep tourists away or to make them more curious . And I also think that it is all related to an ancient story that has to do with to the history of  Maydena, Tasmania.  In fact, there is an old railway called The 3′ 6″ gauge railway that was once used to transport wood and metals to every corner of that place so many years ago… and this railway must be related in someway to the secret of this forest..

So as i imagine, this town once had a king and they used to call him ” the one” . He was like a leader that always tells them what to do and how to live,  he was like a ”model” to follow. And one day, ”the one” was going to the other side of the forest when suddenly the train hit him… He died.

And from that day, the villagers started venerating the dead soul and they’ve made of their dead king a God. they never stopped giving sacrifices and the village turned from a normal small community to a frightening place. And as the years passed by, people from around the world started to forget about that place until they completely forgot about it.

And when some explorers heard the story, they’ve figured out after some research that the place was abandoned because some persons thought that it’s still  hunted by the dead soul; and others thought that the villagers represents a big danger for every outsider .

Until know, people of that forgotten and hidden village still believe in that story; generation after generation.And they avoided every contact with the ”modern” world that they don’t even know about it’s existence.  They in fact lived there for so many years and they never leaved that place because they thought that they must stay faithful to their king..And as some tourists believe, that place hides a big treasure that was buried with the body and whoever finds it will be the next king..

(And untold story, and unknown ”small community ‘  ; that’s the secret.)

i hope you liked my story ; feel free to write a comment

challenge n°5



Challenge n°4: We were Young, We were Happy..


It’s true that i’m still young  but every time i look at this picture i wonder why we, people, are becoming much more stressed and unhappy than we were years before. In fact,  When i compare myself with what i used to be 10 years ago i see a huge difference. I used to smile all the time, care only about who took my teddy bear or my favorite peace of lego. I used to cry only when my mum tells me that I did something wrong.

Life, was for me, and for all of you in that age , a way to be what we wanted to be; and a reason to enjoy who we were. But now, as we are growing up , becoming much more mature and ”wise” , we are losing the real meaning of life and the pleasure of  living it to it’s fullest.

I can’t blame time or the days routine for making us like this; But I blame us, people, for letting stress and problems take over and for letting time pass by without enjoying it.

And i want to tell those who lost their time thinking about ”life-problems” ,counting their money or being who they are not, that life is short and doesn’t wait for anyone. Look at yourselves as children and try to remember what was your life dreams , your goals, your source of happiness,.. and i’m sure that it is not money, big cars or perfect appearance.

When we were young, we never cared about how we should be, how the society want us to be; or about what people think and say .But now we are just scared; scared of living and scared of being ourselves.. So let’s just enjoy every moment, smile, live and be happy.  That’s what life is about .

🙂       Thank you for reading, and feel free to write your comment .
Challenge n°4



Challenge n°3 : 10 ways to use a sock full of holes

Challenge n°3

1)  Use it to clean the board in the classroom.

2) we can use it as a ”cleaning tool” for the dust.

3) If you have a pet, use the sock to wipe your animal while showering it.

4) If you have an injury or fever, you can put some ice in the sock and cool down the heat.

5) We can simply sew it and use it again or donate it to the poor.

6) If the sock is big enough, we can use it like a towel for our feet.

7) If we have another tissue full of holes, we can use the sock to cover the defaults (sewing them together).

8) You have long hair? your hairbands don’t stop disappearing? so use the sock to pull your hair back .

9) You can use it as a cover for your mobile phone so it won’t be scratched.

10) collect them and make of ”collecting old socks” your hobby.

Challenge n°2 : First week of freedom

As a Tunisian girl, I’d like to take advantage of the challenge of this week ‘’freedom to write’’ to talk about the Tunisian revolution and to make some things clear.

For those who don’t know Tunisia or just heard about it as a small Arabic country , it’s, for me, the symbol of courage, challenge and hope. In fact, our revolution showed the world how much, we, Tunisian people are strong and brave ; and even though we went through so much pain, trouble and all kind of problems we still have that smile in our faces 🙂

In a matter of fact, after all the depressing moments we’ve lived from the 17th of December 2010 until the 14th of January 2011; moments full of tragedies, fear, sadness, tears and death we lived and we are still living hard times and we are still suffering from economic , social and politic problems but we never gave up on our Tunisia and we will never give up.

And I, as a girl that loves her country, want to tell to all those who think that we will never ‘’see the light again’’ or those who lost hope in our country that we, Tunisian people can live through anything, and even if we lost sustain and support we can survive. And I believe that the pessimism of the majority of people and their ironic look is the main cause of the hard time we are going through. So please, stop your fear of Tunisian people, the fear of our country and our community 🙂 and help us go through this period so that Tunisia will be much more safer and peaceful and return as it was before : full of tourists from around the word and full of happy people with a lasting smile and an optimistic look that is hoping for a better future .

Challenge n°2

Challenge n°1 : The number 10

What would I ask if I met ten famous people.

1) Adolf Hitler : why did you choose the Swastika as a symbol of your Nazi movement?

2)Mark Zuckerberg : Is there a secret behind the fact that  facebook will always be for free?

3)Friendirich Nietzsche: why are you complicating life?

4)Jean-paul Sartre:  deep down, did you wanted the Nobel prize that you refused?

5)Bill gates: yes you are rich, but are you happy?

6)jackie chan: what is the most dangerous move that you did ?

7)Sigismund Freud: how did you start your career ?

8) George Walker Bush : is petrol more important than human life?

9)Bob Marley: do you sing for money and fame or for the love of music?

10)Leonel Messi: Have you ever imagined that you will be this famous?

Challenge n°1