Challenge n°3 : 10 ways to use a sock full of holes

Challenge n°3

1)  Use it to clean the board in the classroom.

2) we can use it as a ”cleaning tool” for the dust.

3) If you have a pet, use the sock to wipe your animal while showering it.

4) If you have an injury or fever, you can put some ice in the sock and cool down the heat.

5) We can simply sew it and use it again or donate it to the poor.

6) If the sock is big enough, we can use it like a towel for our feet.

7) If we have another tissue full of holes, we can use the sock to cover the defaults (sewing them together).

8) You have long hair? your hairbands don’t stop disappearing? so use the sock to pull your hair back .

9) You can use it as a cover for your mobile phone so it won’t be scratched.

10) collect them and make of ”collecting old socks” your hobby.

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