Challenge n°4: We were Young, We were Happy..


It’s true that i’m still young  but every time i look at this picture i wonder why we, people, are becoming much more stressed and unhappy than we were years before. In fact,  When i compare myself with what i used to be 10 years ago i see a huge difference. I used to smile all the time, care only about who took my teddy bear or my favorite peace of lego. I used to cry only when my mum tells me that I did something wrong.

Life, was for me, and for all of you in that age , a way to be what we wanted to be; and a reason to enjoy who we were. But now, as we are growing up , becoming much more mature and ”wise” , we are losing the real meaning of life and the pleasure of  living it to it’s fullest.

I can’t blame time or the days routine for making us like this; But I blame us, people, for letting stress and problems take over and for letting time pass by without enjoying it.

And i want to tell those who lost their time thinking about ”life-problems” ,counting their money or being who they are not, that life is short and doesn’t wait for anyone. Look at yourselves as children and try to remember what was your life dreams , your goals, your source of happiness,.. and i’m sure that it is not money, big cars or perfect appearance.

When we were young, we never cared about how we should be, how the society want us to be; or about what people think and say .But now we are just scared; scared of living and scared of being ourselves.. So let’s just enjoy every moment, smile, live and be happy.  That’s what life is about .

🙂       Thank you for reading, and feel free to write your comment .
Challenge n°4



9 thoughts on “Challenge n°4: We were Young, We were Happy..

  1. Amazing and wise Shahnez!
    Indeed, the only thing that counts is to enjoy what we are doing, we don’t have to be perfect, no body is perfect. We have to be correct with ourselves and with others.

  2. Excellent work . I totally agree !!!
    And we must stop getting upset with stupid things ..

  3. Chahinez

    As you know, responsibility is a factor growing by our age.

    It’s nice to be happy, but it would be great if we have both responsibility and happiness comes by our ages and experiences.

    Be happy and lucky

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